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Distinguished Service Medallion

Hon. Lance D. Clarke will be presented with the Nassau County Bar Association's 80th Distinguished Service Medallion (DSM) at the Dinner Gala. The DSM, the highest honor bestowed by the NCBA, is given annually to a person of high moral character and integrity, celebrating their efforts to enhance the reputation and dignity of the legal profession. Click here to read about Lance's story on the cover of February's Nassau Lawyer.

Past recipients include U.S. Presidents, Supreme Court Justices and Senators; New York State Governors, Chief Justices and elected officials; and leaders of the legal profession and local community, including:

Carter Glass
Herbert C. Hoover
Alfred E. Smith
Westbrook Pegler
Robert Moses
Thomas E. Dewey
C. T. Wang
Hjalmar Procope
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Arthur T. Vanderbilt
John W. Davis
Learned Hand
C. W. Wickersham
Edmund H. Lewis
Albert Conway
J. Russell Sprague
Cortland A. Johnson
Marcus G. Christ
Arthur H. Dean
C. Walter Randall

Charles S. Desmond
A. Holly Patterson
Kenneth B. Keating
Arthur J. Goldberg
John D. Bennett
Samuel Greason

Earl Warren
Stanley H. Fuld

Howard T. Hogan
Leonard W. Hall
Nelson A. Rockefeller
Frank A. Gulotta
George Morton Levy
Charles D. Breitel
Charles R. Carroll
Daniel P. Moynihan
Sol Wachtler
Jacob K. Javits
Bernard S. Meyer

Michael P. Aspland
Mario M. Cuomo
Eugene H. Nickerson
Francis T. Purcell
Alfonse M. D’Amato
Samuel R. Pierce
Beatrice S. Burstein
Milton Mollen
Richard Thornburgh
Frank X. Altimari
Thurgood Marshall
Peter T. Affatato
Jack B. Weinstein
Richard E. Rowan

Edward I. Koch

Marie G. Santagata
Joseph W. Bellacosa
Irving A. Cohn
Arthur D. Spatt
Antonin Scalia
Robert W. Corcoran
Eliot Spitzer
Pauline C. Balkin
George C. Pratt
Frank E. Yannelli
Michael A. Balboni
Anthony F. Marano
Jonathan Lippman
William F. Levine
Barry C. Scheck
Stephen W. Schlissel
Preet Bharara
A. Gail Prudenti
John R. Dunne
Grace D. Moran
Kenneth R. Feinberg
Stephen Gassman
Christopher T. McGrath
Janet DiFiore 
Geri Barish

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